COLAGE (USA) unites people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents into a network of peers and supports them as they nurture and empower each other to be skilled, self-confident, and just leaders in our collective communities. Colage has been operating for over 25 years and is one of the only organizations in the world of its kind.
The Rainbow Letters is a collection of letters written by people of all ages and walks of life, addressed to anyone in the world, revealing their experiences growing up with or discovering that they have a parent or parents who identify as LGBTQ. It is an initiative run by Zach Wahls and Julia Winston to gather stories to build a diverse community and publish a powerful collection of letters.
Wear it Purple is a national day which raises awareness about the issues faced by same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse young people and our international need to eradicate bullying based on sexuality and gender diversity. The Wear it Purple team aims to help create a world that is safe for all young people, within which they are free to learn, grow and belong.


Rainbow Families is community organization based in Victoria, Australia. They support and promote equality for ‘rainbow’ families.
Rainbow families is a community organization in NSW, Australia that has been planning events and group trips for rainbow families for over 15 years. The group have monthly catchups, halloween disco, bi-annual camping trips and walk in Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras every year.
Our Family Coalition (USA) seeks to create an inclusive and just world where all LGBTQ families with children have visibility and opportunities to thrive as valued participants in our schools, institutions, and communities. OFC advances equality for LGBTQ families with children through support, advocacy, and education. 
Family Equality Council (USA) is changing attitudes and policies to ensure all families are respected, loved, and celebrated.

The Outspoken Generation program strives to empower those with LGBTQ parents to share their stories in the name of advocating for family equality on the local, state, and national levels.
Rainbow Families Qld is a group of volunteers who come from a range of backgrounds and professions. We are dedicated to supporting rainbow families (and prospective rainbow families) and to creating awareness among the general population about rainbow families.
A resource for gay dads in Australia or those thinking of becoming dads.
General information on altruistic and commercial surrogacy, useful groups and upcoming information and social events open to all.
We work with schools to tackle homophobia and transphobia, and to create safer educational environments for same sex attracted, intersex, and gender diverse students, staff and families.
Safe Schools is a national coalition dedicated to helping schools be safer and more inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, school staff and families. They are dedicated to creating environments where all students, teachers and families can feel safe and be themselves. All students need to feel included at school – only then can they be engaged with school and do well.

Gayby Baby is currently working with Safe Schools Coalition to build school resources to support LGBTIQ families and educate schools about them.
Welcoming Schools (USA) offers professional development tools, lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards, and many additional resources for elementary schools on: Embracing family diversity, Avoiding gender stereotyping and affirming gender, Ending bullying and name-calling.